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Champions Run Players Association is a FAST, Fun, and Fair place to play some competitive golf.  In partnership with Champions Run Golf Course, we are committed to creating and maintaining a good pace of play, while having a good time, where everyone can compete from their current skill level.  The emphasis on the faster pace of play is done so that we can allow our CRPA to use the first 8-10 tee times of the day on the weekends.  One of the ways we help speed play up is by implementing a double bogey max.  Once the player has attempted their shot for bogey they should pick up their ball whether it was holed or not.


Entry Fee for the game is $20.  This is NOT including your greens fee for the course. 

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Routinely we have between 24-36 players each day each weekend and we are hoping this number grows this year and continuing into future years!  Members or Guests can sign up for play by joining our group through our APP where we post signed up players, players can request tee times and groups and follow other news of the CRPA.


Our points games tee off early on both Saturday and Sunday for players who sign up using our APP for play.  To be added to the group app, use the email at the bottom of the page to request an invitation and get more information.  The groups and times are set on Thursday night. This is the deadline to sign up so you will know beforehand what time you need to arrive to play and who you will be playing with. 


Our game in generally a "standard" points game.   This is a modified stableford points system.  We use the latest 4 rounds to adjust your points throughout the year similar to a USGA handicap.  Your starting handicap will be determined based on your average score or USGA GHIN handicap.  From there you will be competing against your "points" or handicap. The standard game has 3 ways to win.  The amount of places paid per each round is determined on the amount of players that particular day.

Individual: Player with the highest point total over THEIR points. Ex: Player A's points are at 24 and they score 30 for a net score of +6. If no one else has a net score of +6 or better, player A is the individual winner.


Team: The team portion is a blind draw. After everyone is paid and tee'd off, the pro shop will randomly draw teams. You will find out your partner after the completion of play. The net scores from each player will be combined to determine the team net score. Ex: Player A has a net score of +6. Player B is player A's partner with a net score of -2. The team net score is then +4. If no other team is higher than +4 that is the winning team. Number of places paid is determined by the number of players that day.


Skins: A portion of the buy in is put into the skins pot. This portion of the game is NOT handicapped. Skins are only paid to GROSS scores UNDER par for a hole. Ex: Player A is the only player to make a 3 (birdie) on the par 4 second hole. 


CRPA also operates 5 major tournaments per year which coincide with the PGA Tour majors.  These will have slightly altered formats and some require a two day commitment. Some of these events will be team events while others will be an individual competition. 


Lastly, CRPA has a season long competition that requires 25 rounds in competition to qualify.  The top 20 players in total points for the season will play for the right to be in a 9 player shootout for the season crown and bragging rights. 


For more information about the Champions Run Players Association (CRPA) please email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     or call Carroll Smathers at 615-415-1873  or Matt Fischer at 615-956-5241.

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